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We get this for most veterans about once a year. It's a form to show your family you're getting treatment at a VA facility. If all of this is confusing, it's not your fault. It's required to be filled out each Veterans' treatment center. It is not a legal document. It's used to get the benefits of the VA for your family. I'll use my story, but the same principles can be extended to any VA facilities, regardless of whether they be private or public. If the VA's website is a bit hard to get to, click on the link.  If the form looks interesting, click it or take it to the nearest VA hospital/center. The VA does not want you to get treatment from someone else. Some veterans like to make it easy on themselves by saying it was a “VA certified” care facility. This is not a guarantee..

Va form 10-10cg "application for comprehensive

The application for a program is not a contract.   The purpose of the application is to provide assistance in understanding the rights and responsibilities of the applicants.    This is a general document, and is not a contract, .    You must complete and return the completed application at the address listed on the form. The application must be filed with the state Division of Veterans Affairs within 60 days from the date of application. You may be asked to complete and return some forms on the form to be completed; as these are required and must be filled out.    Please do not use an application form with incomplete information.   To complete the application, the applicant must provide one (1) source document to verify the information on the application; and a copy of valid photo identification to prove the applicant is the person indicated on the application. Additional.

The program of comprehensive assistance for family

Fill out a new Application for the Assistance for Home Care Act of 1988, (PDF). Submit a completed application, Form 10-10CG, to the Caregiver Program at any VA Healthcare facility or to 1/200 of your Social Security number. Go to or call to find out if the service is offered at your facility. A list of some selected VA facilities is available on our Caregiver Services section. The Caregiver Program does not cover private home care, home care aides, or other providers. The Caregiver Program is available to qualifying caregivers age 18 and over. Individuals under the age of 18 are considered dependent children within the Meaningful Use Act. An individual must be age 19 years or over to be eligible for the Caregiver Program. However, an individual does not have to be an adult to be eligible if the individual is providing care that the caregiver would give to an aged or.

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If you do not receive a response within 8 weeks from the date you mailed the form, please call, or complete a VA form. Download the Veterans Choice Application form here. What are the benefits of being a family caregiver? When you become a family caregiver, you can: Gift more comfort and care to your loved ones Help yourself heal after a serious illness Spend more time with your family Give more attention to your children, and Have a greater sense of purpose in your life. For more of a detailed description of the benefits, visit the Benefits Center. Who should apply for family caregiver benefits? If you are in a position where you would be eligible for Medicare and/or Medicaid. If you would like to care for a relative who needs financial assistance with their health care If you are a member of a veteran's organization; you can apply for a special veteran exemption if your relationship to a veteran is.

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Ask for a referral to your regional office for further review and review of your paperwork (if this is your first discharge, you may be asked to go this step). The first step in the VA's review process is to determine if you have a valid discharge.  If you do not have a valid discharge, or you do not have one because you have never been injured or discharged, you have been discharged. To understand the differences between a DD-214 and a AWA discharge, read this. You can also look to this blog post to learn what is required if you are a veteran transitioning using the AWA process for new service-connected disability benefits.  If you have a valid discharge, you are done processing and need to make a phone call to your regional VA Health Care System office to request a VA discharge authorization (VA-821). Do Not Wait.